“We don’t just build websites, we build websites that SELLS”

Our Service To You

Our affordable web development package offers everything a good quality website requires. From a professional design, hosting, domain names, social media integration, support, and more. We’ll give you all the training you need to upload your own content, keeping costs down.

Responsive Design

We build responsive websites that look awesome across all platforms (desktop, tablets, mobile devices) as well as across multiple operating systems including Apple, Android, IOS, Windows, or any other. We can make the design ‘responsive’ so that certain elements change depending on the size of the screen being used to view the site. Parts of the site such as navigation menus, headers or sidebars can be minimized or turned off on devices with smaller screens to ensure that every visitor receives an optimal experience. The design framework we use adapts automatically so there’s no need to create separate layouts for every situation.

Today, having online presence does not only improve your reach to your audience, but good web development also guarantees you sales. Many people think that spending thousands of bucks will ensure traffic on their website, but most of them are disappointed with the results. People today are always on the move, on their cell phones and laptops, trying to search for something that excites them, something that they would want to try, and immediately put their hands in their pockets and shell out money. E-commerce is growing and how!. Customers are ready to accept the news ways of shopping and forget the usual walking around the malls and looking in different stores for what they want. Marketing on the internet is difficult. Traditional marketing rules don’t apply here.

Web Development of the websites should be done from the shopper’s perspective. Seeing these websites, the shopper should be able to navigate freely without having to wait. Sometimes, websites try to do flash animations and artsy promotions which might slow down the user’s browser. This is a big turn off for the user. Designing a website that is appealing and does not eat into your user’s internet is the way to go. Another important thing to keep in mind while creating the website is that you should keep testing your website on different devices. Check how fast your website opens on mobile devices, and work around it so that it comes to the minimum time.

Here are 5 web development tips that will help increase your sales:

1. Minimize Number of Steps

Customers are impatient when shopping online and you need to capture their impatience. We need to cut down on the steps and make it simple for the customers, so they don’t have to hassle and face difficulty while ordering. Checkout should be a one-step process and not a lengthy one. You don’t want to drive the customer nuts, redirecting him from one page to another. Negative word of mouth can cause huge losses to your website and have a great impact on your company’s growth.

2. SEO is foremost important for the traffic

If you think spending tons of money and having an artsy website will attract traffic, then you are in big trouble and need a reality check. Gaining traffic comes down to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your website maybe better than your rival company’s; but if they have their SEO in place and you don’t, your website will eventually become a desert land. SEO can be done by your company or outsourced to a web development company. This can help in boosting your website’s rankings through search engines.

3. Have a mailing list on your website

Try to capture as many emails ids as possible. Try to give discounts and rewards to the shoppers through mailing lists. A huge mailing list enables you to reach to your users and tell them about various offers and schemes available to them on your website. Customers love discounts and this will definitely increase your sales and traffic by about 25 to 50%. Not only discounts, but also try to engage in conversation with your customers and have them tell you what they would like to see on your pages.

4. Up-sell by adding recommendations page

Once you have buyers, add recommendations pages so that prospective buyers can have a look at what they are missing or what could go with their order. A well thought up-sell strategy will not only increase the sales but also guarantee future purchases from the buyers. By providing the customers with options, expose your customers to things they may have overlooked or might not have considered buying.

5. Add feedback page to your website

Feedback from the customers will generally help you to better your product so that you can provide them hassle-free experience on your website. Also, feedbacks from the genuine customers add credibility to your products and helps in building trust and, in return, positive word of mouth publicity. Reviews of the products also encourage customers to buy products that have been already been bought before, and know that they are not been taken for a ride. A Satisfied customer is equal to more traffic, and more traffic is equal to increase in sales.

Custom Development

Our Services Include

Our fully customized website solution includes a unique design that is not based on any template or theme followed by a fully coded website. I love to code and believe that anything can be done with this flexible solution. I can develop the project from scratch or I can jump into a current project and help with the higher level programming and technical details. It can be a simple brochure type website or a database driven solution – everything is customized to your requirements.